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Cheese the Queen is fully committed to the overall health and wellness of our planet, which is why we produce superfoods that are organic, cruelty-free, eco-friendly, free-from, better-for-you, and all-natural. Consuming these products means so much more than just filling a gap in your tummy – you are automatically entering into a new way of healthier, ecological, nutritious living.

At Cheese the Queen, we’ve reinvented the way you eat nuts – 100% cashew nuts – to be exact. While most people eat nuts raw or baked, we age and ferment them, which makes them healthier and easier to digest!

Grill your highly-nutritional superfood delicacy for a pleasantly different taste experience, eat it raw for a fermented undertone while reaping the benefits of the live cultures, or bake it for a nutty taste experience.

Experience our new ways of indulgence while having planet Earth’s back. We use fermented and aged cashews to make the whole process even more Vitamin Cheesy! Besides – being healthy is totally the new “in thing.”


Superfood Delicacies from fermented aged cashews

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