Cheese the Queen

Christmas Box with 6 aged vegan cheeses from cashews Cheese the Queen

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Whether you believe it or not 2020 is going to its end and Christmas Eve is around the corner.

Santa will be doing the usual rounds with the support of his trusty reindeer. However, this is no ordinary festive season. Unlike his usual sack filled with dolls and toy cars, he’s made room for something different. Something special. A present your loved ones will never forget.

Santa has made room for cashew delicacies that people from all around the world are ordering from Cheese the Queen. These 6-packs of Aged Cashew delights will be flying all over the world, from London to San Francisco to Johannesburg. Is your family, like so many others, waiting to dig into this tasty blend of fermented aged cashews, herbs, and spices?

Get on Santa’s nice list by showing your craving for wholesome treats that are organic and cruelty-free. Order today before Santa’s sack fills up. Thank goodness Santa ordered his own 6-pack from Cheese the Queen ahead of time. The Mrs. will be pleased when Santa gets back from this extra-long shift. 

We believe this year everybody deserves more presents, so our Christmas Box is double than last year! 

What you'll find inside is:
- Cheese the Queen Classic
- Cheese the Queen Green Pepper
- Cheese the Queen Truffle
- Cheese the Queen Black Garlic
- Cheese the Queen Turmeric
- + 1 more from the flavors above as present from us! /well, it's Christmas/

Our Christmas Boxes are limited edition of 200.
Pre-order your box now.

Boxes will be delivered between 1st and 15th of December!